Other schizophrenics scares me

So I was walking to my home and I see a guy eating grass and trying to follow me until he saw other person to follow, this happened two years ago. Other story was in a taxi, the driver told me he worked for the Intelligence agency of my country, I was with my father. Then I was at the cinema and there was a guy next to us who was laughting at everything, then I was walking on street and a old guy whispered something to my ear and then he ran away. So these are my experiences with other schizophrenics and it were not good for me because I felt scared of them, I used to think they were harassing me but now I know they are just schizophrenics like me.


I don’t think I’ve met another schizophrenic. We never discussed diagnosis in hospital so it’s possible I met one there.


I love schizophrenics, yes many can be very weird, once there one schizophrenic started to talk (or better, shout) to himself while I was passing by and it was like a jump scare.
This person would also go and talk/shout with everyone about emigrating to other open-minded country and ask money for meds which are free here.

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If I’m walking downtown and a guy is screaming and pacing the sidewalk in dirty rags for clothes, yes, that scares me. But I have had friends who were schizophrenic, I’ve lived with other people who were schizophrenic, I work with a guy who has schizophrenia. I have a healthy fear of what a grown man or a grown woman are capable of but the schizophrenia doesn’t bother me.

My friends with schizophrenia were mellow and cool and one guy I knew for 7 years was funnier than me (I guess that’s not saying much though). When I was younger we hung out and went to clubs and bars and out to eat or partied. We got around. Some schizophrenics are scary, some aren’t. But I trusted my friends and schizophrenia was not the focus of our friendship except occasionally telling stories of hospitals or amusing delusions. But we often just joked about those things and then went back to drinking our coffee.


I believe some Sz can be scary. I think those are mostly the ones who don’t accept the diagnosis and are being untreated.

People that I have told I have schizophrenia most say they wouldn’t have known it unless I told them. However, I do find the thoughts I send back to my internal voices scary at times as they are mostly violent and aggressive. But that is my way of fighting the illness.


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