Other forums on mental health?

Just curious what other forums people frequent. Particularly mental health.

Hearing voices network


They are a lot more delusional over there. It doesn’t seem to be moderated at all. Most of the emails and responses I get are telling me telepathy is real.

Heartiest congratulations for the new look.
It is distinct ,but what is means of a dice for you ?

Many choices or possibilities?

This is the best site by far, hands down.

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I play role-playing games and that is one of the diced used in the games.

schizophrenia-support.com is another site I frequent, Malvok. best of luck

The dice on your profile picture looks very nice…

http://www.mentalhealthforum.net (has quite a strong element against mainstream psychiatry, frequent poster )

http://www.social-anxiety-community.org/db/index.php (for those with social anxiety semi frequent poster)

http://sane.org.uk/support_forum/index.php ( UK site - post there on a semi frequent basis)

http://bonkersbob.com/ ( Small UK based site that I frequently post to)

http://forums.psychcentral.com/ ( very occasionally post there)

http://www.mentalearth.com/ (very occasionally post there)

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i don’t have time for any others lol

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I used to play those a bit, the other kids were doing it so there it was.

I would always just die though, just like in real life.

You were gambled your future with the dice,and I think that
this is not calculated adventure because it depends on luck
with all its variability,wherever the possibility exists for gain or loss equally .

It’s ok AbAt, His attributes are extremely high and he gets lots of bonuses to his rolls. It does tip the scales.

It’s ok Dreamscape,but the questions:
1- What is his attributes ?
2- What is his rolls ?
3- The scales of what is ?

But I thought you where the expert on the matter?

Yes,I am an expert on the literature of delusional stories
that has been written by non-schizophrenics

^ :joy: … … …


mental health forum…

Archery, audio gear, DJ, photography, and videography forums. This is the only mental health forum I visit and I’m debating leaving because I find it more depressing than uplifting.


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This chain of points prove that the neurotransmitter impulses which emitting
from the head are empty from the thoughts