Other causes of psychosis

Can someone make a list of what are the things to test for that may cause psychosis that’s not a mental illness?
That way we might end up helping each other, I will start lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity maybe


Superb idea. I will post here later. But I want to find scientific articles to show I am right. :sunglasses:

Meditation and spirituality in my case.


Some types of lupus seem to have psychosis-like effects.


That will be great! I want to make a list of everything that cause autoimmune psychosis and normal psychosis

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Borreliosis perhaps, i have psychotic symtoms when i got a tick bite and it gets red around it.

Vitamin B deficiency is another one where i’m not sure.

Mind overloaded.

That i had at my last psychosis, borreliosis and vit. B 12 deficiency is interrelated when i’m not wrong.

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Anyone else learned anything?

Sorry…my mind doesn’t work well enough today…my leg is hurting like hell, even if I drugged myself majorly. A quick answer though. For me…those were the big ones:

  • Female hormones: giving birth, quitting lactation, PMS, menopause.
  • Diet Diet and Psychosis: A Scoping Review - PubMed (nih.gov)
  • Psychological factors. Models of Madness by Read and Dillon gives a cool overview. Things like sexual abuse, migration, social defeat, emotional abuse…are major. Read and DIllon describe certain family communication styles…that can be unlearned…and contribute a lot to the start of psychosis. As well as the later relapse chances. These subtler patterns are often missed.
  • Social and emotional skills. For me, learning things like mentalisation and boundaries…helped loads.
  • Religious/spiritual factors
  • Legal and illegal drugs. Psychiatric meds (e.g. benzo withdrawal, SSRI withdrawal) and antibiotics (e.g. fluoroquinolones).

Copper imbalance and physical trauma like broken bones or nerve damage.

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I have hypothyroidism. Apparently that can cause psychosis as well if untreated.

Autoimmune diseases: Hashimoto’s, Lupus, Multiple sclerosis, Addison’s disease, to name a few.
Brain diseases like Parkinson’s disease and dementia (Alzheimer’s disease etc.)
Genetic diseases like Huntington’s disease and in some people with ALS, Prader-Willi Syndrome
Female hormonal disorders like postpartum psychosis/depression

That’s all I can think of right now. Basically, any disorder involving the brain potentially can trigger psychosis. There are also other rare disorders that cause psychosis as well.


Yes gluten sensitivity is a studied reason out of perhaps a multi factorial number of reason.

I think I read that in the book called wheat belly.

I wouldn’t be surprised if lactose intolerance was one too.

And there are lots Of people with lactose intolerance.

And gluten sensitivity, I guess


My mother was just telling me stories about this and claiming I should get tested for lupus

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Oh. Microbiome disturbances. Whether through antibiotics or food or intergenerational or…

Sz microbiome looks totally different than health microbiome. And the more antibiotics you use, the higher the chance of bipolar. I read.

Oh wow really. That sucks. I wonder why.

Yea I mean, it’s always worth a shot to rule things out I suppose.

I think they can do a blood test or something to figure it out.

ETA: up to you though. Personally, I think my SZA is probs not related to any autoimmune disease.

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I am a lay person. And do not know a lot about this. But I’ve found a brilliant article. But cant find it anymore. It gave very specific information on which species are underpopulated or overpopulated in sz, bipolar, etc. Different diseases have different patterns. I think certain species impact neurotransmitters etc.

I think part of sz being inherited from parent to child…goes through microbiome…rather than genes.
I used a whole lot of nasty antibiotics, like ciprofloxacine…that destroy certain species…that are highly related to mood regulation and all.
I think our food industry is also a culprit, and our lack of being in nature.

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Maybe some of our microbiome characteristics is inherited through our parental genes, somehow coding for predisposition to laying down certain patterns of microbiome species.

It’s all so interesting. I wish I had more motivation to read.

The only reason I think about it is because I have alopecia which is an autoimmune disease my friend has lupus and I don’t know why I just I consider it

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Yea @FreeLunch, if you have symptoms that don’t make sense, like randomly losing your hair in clumps, I would for sure ask the docs to run whatever tests they do. Good luck if you decide to do it :+1:

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You’re looking for something like this

There is no complete list although there should be. It would be nice to compile one but also against the relative weight and statistical chance of these disorders being the primary diver of psychosis. So most of the medical causes that are currently known and can be easily treated otherwise will probably be contained within a composite of these kinds of lists. You will not be able to elucidate a full list also until there is an understanding of the etiology of schizophrenia.

On the one hand, I feel it is in the interest of the community to share resources like this as they are so exhaustive that it is unlikely that doctors have the opportunity to test and rule out all of these in routine practice. On the other hand, searching for these causes can in individuals shows a lack of insight as they search for reason in trying to grasp the reason behind a diagnosis made of clinical case formulation without clinical experience and with self-evident or explainable and understandable etiology and pathogenesis. Moreover, while it is important information it mainly serves to fuel the hypochondriac that is within us all. There are better things to focus your energy upon