Organic causes of psychosis #3 (Huntington's Disease)

Huntington’s disease (HD) is a dominantly inherited, neurodegenerative disorder due to expansion of a polymorphic trinucleotide repeat in the short arm of chromosome 4. Clinical manifestations consist of a triad of choreic movements, cognitive decline and psychiatric syndromes starting in the fourth to fifth decade. Psychiatric manifestations vary and may precede motor and cognitive changes. Personality changes and depression occur most commonly. Paranoid schizophrenia-like symptoms occur in 6% to 25% of cases.

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I think parkinsons can also cause psychosis there is also a dopamine Imbalance

I was on a Parkinson’s disease med that caused psychosis. It’s the worst med ever- and many people who are on levodopa ends up developing psychosis as a result.

But sadly, people with parkinson’s disease HAVE to take them. It’s like the worst nightmare.

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Yes I can imagine that must be why ppl with parkinsons develop psychosis. Since the med I can imagine raises the dopamine.

Glad ur off it

Yes, it’s a serious crisis for people with parkinson’s. People become delusional and psychotic as a result. But Huntington’s disease makes people psychotic due to the loss of brain cells. Both diseases ends up killing the people who have them.

This is why brain diseases are extremely scary and devastating.

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A famous person who had Huntington’s