Open access articles on hallucinations

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I found this interesting :

Auditory hallucinatory phenomena occur on a spectrum ranging from auditory imagery
and intrusive and vivid thoughts to fully developed hallucinations of hearing sounds and voices.

I do not count myself as a voice hearer only having had very rare occasions of a sentence here and there (no running dialogue) that seems to have most probably been an internal AH.
However re the bit i put in bold- pre regular medication i was going through a spell at night when left alone with my thoughts(and not distracted by internet etc) that i was getting random phrases popping in to my head completely unconnected to my main train of thought. It’s hard to call these ‘voices’ but ‘intrusive and vivid thoughts’ seem to fit the bill.
To be truthful i had never seen such phenomena as being on a spectrum.

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I’ve got the same kinda phrase/word thing happening a lot of the time. Do the phrases/words become slightly more audible when there is a source of white noise in the room (eg. Fan, refrigerator, AC)?

I’ve seen a few people complain about the same thing, but it doesn’t seem like there is a well established name for it. People always have the same description of it too: Internal voices. The thing is, I noticed they have a sense of direction to them, as in they seem to come from areas of the room. If they were totally internal, they shouldn’t have this kind of direction to them.

What is ‘auditory imagery’?

Thank you for that! :smile: