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I’m supposed to fast at 7:00 pm to 9:00pm, take my study med, and fast an hour afterwards till 10.
But I just walked in there about 8:20 and grabbed an Arizona Iced Tea and started drinking it in the smoking area and then brought it into my room.
I went back in there to put some fresh ones in the freezer for the other girl on the study. Put some in the fridge earlier, but they will be warm too long. She just told me she likes the teas. The nurse usually reminds me to fast if I go in the kitchen at the wrong time, but the girl tonight hasn’t really paid any attention to my wandering in there at any time. Which is nice actually most of the time.
She just gave me my 8:00 med and reminded me about the fasting. I played it cool, didn’t want to mess up the schedule or worse, get her in trouble.
Oh well. One fasting ■■■■■■ isn’t too big of a deal, especially after all this time, with just three night to go.
I quietly went to my room, downed the iced tea and threw it in the trash basket in my room. Problem solved. :poop:


I did something similar when I was preparing for my colonoscopy. I was only supposed to eat a very few specific foods a week before the procedure. About three days into the cleanse I made plans to go out to eat Chinese food after work with my sister. I was about halfway through my meal when I realized what I was doing. I stopped and told my sister that I’m going to have to call the hospital and reschedule and start the prep over from the beginning. She just told me to take the rest of the food home and freeze it and call the doctor to explain. I called a nurse and she told me it was OK, that one meal wouldn’t matter.

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oh well, I’m sure it will be fine. It’s just a tea.

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