Made a boo boo

Completely forgot I was due to have a fasting blood test and had a couple of glasses of squash.


I do that all the time. I need coffee to think first thing in the morning. But not allowed any while fasting. But can’t remember I’m fasting without coffee first. .LOL.

Call them up and ask them if that’s OK. They might still take you.

I am sure it would have affected the results re blood sugar and possibly cholesterol so didn’t go.

Do you have to book it? We just casually wander in here. Sometimes days later.

Where I am you have to phone and book it, stating what local blood test place you want it done at. You usually get an appointment for 5-8 days later.

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You might get a slap on the wrist in that case. For being a bad boy.

Although I’m sure it happens all the time.

So don’t worry on it too much.

Same here with the VA. Doc writes the order. I just show up fasting.

Just do that. This stuff happens all the time.