Only 2 hours of sleep

I did not sleep well last night at all. I was having very bad cramps and I couldnt sleep because of it. I took advil cause usually it helps but when it did start working it barely did anything. Wasnt able to fall asleep until after 5. I had to be up at 7:30 for work. I gotta make sure to watch myself today. Almost all of my symptoms flare up when I don’t get enough sleep, since my emotion regulation capabilities are lessened.


I hope it doesn’t affect you to badly and that you’re able to sleep tonight.

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When i am well i usually do mindfulness training to help me in emergencies when i need to calm my mind. In my last psychotic episode last year it came in handy. I didn’t needed to be hospitalised.


Supposedly L-theanine is good for sleep. I am investigating as we speak.

So is Seroquel aka quiteapine

You can’t be psychotic when you are unconscious etc. etc.

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On clozapine I always sleep every night
Hope you catch up on your sleep

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I have drug induced insomnia from olanzapine at 5mg.

I started supplementing with L-Serine 1500mg before bed and have slept better than I have done in many years for the last months.

I am truly sorry this has happened to you, welcome to my world. I’ve been trying to function on 2 and 3 hours of sleep for months now and not taking naps because supposedly if I do I will never get my sleeping back on track. I hope you sleep good tonight.

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I have insomnia too.

Benzo doesn’t work on me and i don’t feel good on them but instead anxious.

Imovane is my favourite but it puts me to sleep :zzz: only sometimes and it doesn’t keep me asleep.
I can nolonger take half a tablet.
Doesn’t do anything like it used too.

Even on imovane I sometimes only sleep three hours.

I want to go up to 15 mg imovane.

Insomnia sucks!

Working after you had only two hours sleep isn’t usually a fun thing.

Wishing us all good sleep :zzz:.

Hope you will be ok today.:pray:t4:

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