Online scratch cards games are evil

They suck you in and they are incredible addictive. I’ve only played a few games online this year but generally keeping away from them. I also haven’t purchased any psychical scratch cards for awhile. They are a complete rip off.

Do you have any advice how I can keep away from them?

Yeah gambling is addictive. Alcohol and drugs are too.

Do things that are different and give you a rush like exercise. Like honestly it makes a difference so go for a walk but do it at a good clip and get the heart rate up. As you know it’s like alcohol and substances…it’s hard to let go so you need to find better plans and strategies to get over it…

It’s not easy but it’s always a work in progress. Gambling is so rubbish because if you do the math your never, ever winning and I know a lot of gamblers…I never got gambling in my family but there’s heaps there and I just got the old Irish drinking…and I’m moving onwards from that so trust me :slight_smile:

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I really like saving money and watch my bank balance increase every week so when I used to have a blow out it made me incredibly pissed off with myself.

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I struggle with this

Delete the app!

If you save the money you would have spent, it will surprise you


You can better invest it in the stock market. That way you’re more likely to win than with a gambling product.

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Studying also makes you feel better… like they say knowledge is power… didn’t know that much when I was in school though lol

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