Online harassment/ protecting this community

I agree with notmoses, it is antisocial behavior and that is clear if you are somewhat familiar with it. Manipulation like this doesn’t just happen because people aren’t aware of social norms. It is goal-directed behavior and the intention is to control others and/or cause them harm.


I know what you’re talking about and I believe that people who have isolated outbursts from time to time, as you say, should be treated patiently and compassionately - engaging and helping them work through errors in thought processes, explaining issues with behavior, bans for the purpose of cooldown and stabilization, with the goal of rejoining the community and trying again.

But the people we’re talking about here don’t fall into that category. We’re talking about consistent, deliberate, predatory behavior. We’ve gone through the processes I talked about, and all that’s happened is slight alterations in behavior and targets so as to slide under the radar. It’s behavior that is orchestrated to get them what they want while casual observers like you think, “Maybe they’re just bad with people, maybe that’s just symptoms acting up.”

I think the natural reaction for an outsider reading all this is to think, “What if I did something like this and didn’t know any better? Would they demand I get thrown out, too?” We’re not talking about people like that. This has been going on for months. No one involved is surprised, here. No one ended up here accidentally or on a technicality.


It does make me uneasy to reject someone on this site. Sz’s are usually rejects themselves. The idea of someone getting rejected by rejects makes me uneasy. To a certain extent we should expect sz’s to get a little inappropriate at times.

I made this same argument the first time the issue was raised with danddolo. There were people wanting him permanently banned months ago, and I argued against it, because I believe this site is a valuable resource that should be available to as many people as possible.

I still believe this site is a valuable resource that should be available to as many people as possible, but I feel that danddolo has abused this site and its members consistently enough that he has forfeited his privilege of participation.


I’m sorry crimby, but the illness it’s not an excuse for being just a bad person or having repeatedly a bad behaviour towards others.


yes - this is basically our approach. NorthernSky / Dandolo has been suspended indefinitely by mutual agreement. He didn’t want to be part of the community if he couldn’t speak his mind “freely” (i.e. he didn’t want to follow the site guidelines" - so he’s agreed to leave the forum for good (at least thats what he says).

Please continue to flag comments that are against our guidelines.


SZ’s WILL be inappropriate at times and the admins ‘‘i.e.’’ seems a tad personal and misguided.
Not sure what i expected from finally trying to speak to other SZ’s and what an online community of us would look like but it certainly wasn’t a place where random people come in and tell sz’s they aint allowed to speak their mind because of their feelings and that would be backed up with non sz admins personal views.
Why is the world full of people wanting to be wrapped in cotton wool and honesty so shunned.

Obviously - but there is a difference between “innappropriate at times” and consistently inappropriate and harassing. The former we certainly allow and the later we’re no longer tolerating.


Some will be at times, others maybe more often. The latter being shoved out is the retarded part imo as you’re basically isolating the people who feel most socially rejected from the place they’re meant to feel at home.
What exactly is this site/who controls it/who funds it/ who are you exactly? Is this just a place for lonely sz’s to tell happy stories about their good days or ??

I know. This is tough. But the problem is, their behavior is isolating and shoving out other people from this site - if people feel it’s threatening or dangerous to post here, they won’t post.

This forum isn’t a place outside all rules, and the behaviors we’re talking about aren’t part of the sz profile. No one should have to be willing to accept ongoing threats and abuse in order to participate in this forum.

Again, if someone is inappropriate during an episode, I think they should be treated with kindness, patience, and compassion. This discussion is about serial abusers and predators, not people going through a rough patch.


I would ask what form of kindness, patience and compassion is shown at all when dealing with people going against the norm and creating tension. Ofcourse threats and pointless abuse should be punished, i simply mean to get you thinking about why people do things rather then just a simple reaction this isn’t reddit and it’s purpose is for helping SZ’s who probably don’t have much room to vent a certain side of themselves irl(why else would they be here). When what i understand to be a normal girl complains she doesn’t like the attitude of a SZ on this site i’d just assume that one of you admins or whatever would look at the entire situation and speak to said SZ personally to help or alteast understand, otherwise, what’s the point?
I never aim to just abuse innocent people but i often come across rude to people because im blunt and 100% honest about what i see and i’ve been banned for arguing with a random guy who was basically calling sz’s losers recently… It left me confused as to the purpose of this site. If people see a bit of negativity on the site and then don’t want to post or run off which is your justification for banning certain people you deem predatory, i’d simply suggest you ask yourselves who you need to be helping.(ofc some people are just bad apples but without taking the time to see you’ll never tell the difference)
I hope that doesn’t seem like a pile of poorly written ■■■■■■■■ but i aint had a joint yet :smiley:

We’ve taken the time to see. That’s the point of this whole thread. It’s not “a bit of negativity”. It’s months of abuse.

I’m going to suggest that you’re coming into this discussion late and are unaware of the months of context. This isn’t about a few rude posts.

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That one line really answered my whole comment. Why do i waste my breathe. Can anyone point me in the direction of a site for SZ’s with an iq over 120 or something there’s gotta be more to it then this.

I’m coming into this discussion nearly blind but with some personal experience in the dealings of your pathetic rules :slight_smile:

I’m unaware of having any experience with you whatsoever, and there are no rules in place here that could be called my own.

Good luck. I hope you find a community that fits your needs better, if you’ve determined that this one is inadequate.

I’m dissapointed by what it is instead of what it should be. All my experiences so far seem to be super biased with whoever is the fluffiest on a site meant to help the mentally unstable lmfao the irony and stupidity of what i’m seeing makes my brain ■■■■■■■ ignite with questions all rebutted with ‘‘lol he’s a troll’’ by idiots. I thought on a site with sz’s i’d witness more of an open minded mentality. GL doing you though bro i’m sure humanity will prosper with your caring words being thrown around on the internet :slight_smile:

You are being rude now, which you probably know, but this kind of rudeness is not at all like the behavior we are talking about in this thread. I get that you feel you have to defend yourself, but it’s apples and oranges. We should be tolerant, yes, but schizophrenia does not excuse antisocial or misogynistic behavior.

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Once I got in a fight with rhubot while I was drinking and I had a mini scuffle with minnii once, but I tend to avoid drama for some reason. I guess I try to avoid confrontation :smile:

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I personally find it’s the best way to understand someone or their point. Would you walk into the house of commons and tell everyone to shut up because you didn’t like conflict :smiley:

I was on a really bad mood that day. I’m sorry