I changed my mind

I’ve decided to stick around please don’t delete my account

Thanks :blush:


It’s a nice place here.
Why did you want to leave?

There is a bit of bullying at times and I feel like the mods don’t do much however it’s few and far between

They usually just flag the comment I think they should delete rude comments we all have shitty days tho

Did anyone here harass you?

No but I’ve seen others get harrassed it pissed me off so I took a break

I havent noticed anything.
Don’t hesitate to report those cases

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From now on I will I don’t think bullying should be acceptable or tolerated next time I’m gonna dm the mods


Flag this every time it happens. We may only flag and hide a first offense , but if we see a pattern or continued bullying/insults we will usually suspend users that do this.


Yes. It can also be tricky sometimes because two friends can have an inside joke, then a third party flags it as harassment, and we have to figure out whether it was actual harassment or two people messing around. It is not always cut and dry, but if we see patterns it becomes easier to see if it is actual bullying.

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