Online grocery shopping

If you do online grocery shopping in the UK then beware the slots get booked up quickly, so they are available to get now.

You just buy a few things now and pay for them and then amend the order closer to the date, if you are not sure what you want yet!

So heads up and don’t get caught out! :slight_smile:


we have Schwann’s delivery truck here in my town

that is fairly popular, you put your order in online
then it’s delivered in refrigerated truck.

I’ve personally never tried it, but I like the idea
of not always having to go to the store.
But it may be expensive too, idk.

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Here it is the same price except for a delivery charge of around £5 per delivery. If you add up petrol and inconvenience from actual shopping and the time it takes to shop it is well worth it.

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I have used Instacart. They have 5 different stores to shop from.

The annual fee is $125.

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Yeah I use Instacart also but I don’t pay an annual fee.

What do you mean the slots get filled up quickly?
Do you have to sign a yearly contract? Are the number of slots regulated?
We have online grocery shopping here too, but we can sign up whenever we want to.

You get to book an hourly slot in the calendar ! Once they are gone, they are gone and for the Christmas week they are filled really quickly.

You can get a delivery saver by signing up for one and save a few pounds,if you want, but that doesn’t guarantee you a slot that you choose yourself.

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