One thing I regret in the past

I had a childhood friend whom I knew since the early 1970s. He died on the day of the Devil on June 6, 2006, 6-6-6. Three months before he died I told that he would die, if he did not stop his excessive drinking, but he did not care. He was drunk every day. I could have saved him I believe. In the end his father tried to save him by taking him to the hospital, but as I discussed with them, his father was more interested in himself and my friend smelled strong liquor before the doctor’s appointment. Four days after this visit at the hospital he died in the police lock-up. They let him to die. He could have been saved. His brother had died in drugs years earlier. I have not seen his father either any longer. I regret I did not do more to save him, because I saw him dying. The lost life can not be returned.

you can not blame your self, it is not your fault nor are you responsible for other peoples lives, unless you have children of course.
i had a friend who was 21 she was depressed, suicidal etc… she wrote me a letter i did not reply, then she suicided. i felt guilty for a long time.but it wasn’t my fault either.
take care