One thing Haldol did not do

One thing Haldol did not do was destroy my sex drive. Sexually, I was as potent as ever when I was on that drug. I’ve never been so miserable as when I was on Haldol, though. Geodon and Seroquel greatly diminish my sex drive, but life is not so miserable on them as it was when I was on Haldol. If I was forced to choose, I would pick Geodon and Seroquel over Haldol any day. A strong sex drive is a mixed blessing.


Yeah I have no sex drive either. But I’d rather take the meds than not.


I dont have sex drive,
but i am happy with it.


Yes. A strong sex drive is a mixed blessing.

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I am on prolixin generic (fluphenazine) and have a strong sex drive…

Talking about libido. I was born with almost no sex drive and always had friends as a child who talked of sex constantly. I started getting horney early in life, age 8, and developed a good libido as time went by. I lost it when I started taking meds for schizophrenia. I got it back from going off my meds for a month. I got a girlfriend and we had a lot of sex. We broke up a year and a half later because I wanted to study, and seek God. She wouldn’t ever give me time to myself! I decided to repress my desire and I haven’t had lust since. I regret I did this. My desire was love. I killed my romantic side. I am very lonely. It has been 32 years now, it’s not coming back!

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A part of me does not like what I’ve become. He doesn’t like it at all. He wants to eradicate every trace of me. He has been angry at what I’ve become for over three decades. It makes me feel like I’m an abominable invention.

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In the last 3 month I’ve had a diminished libido. Can you have love without sex ?
Of course you can.
It has in no ways changed my feelings towards women. That I have a low libido.

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It depends what dosage of Haldol you’re on. On the smallest doses Haldol can be very effective as a maintenance medication. For example I’ve been on less than 1mg for over 10 years now. I don’t have any side effects and it has kept me a high functioning person with SZ. At the higher doses Haldol is really miserable though, I agree. How much are/did you take?

I’ve been on as much as 40 mg daily before. I hated that. I was on a decoate shot of Haldol for four or five years. I was getting about 100 mg a month. Even that much destroyed my creativity and made me miserable. In Russia they use massive doses of Haldol to torture mental patients.

Damn, sorry to hear that. Haldol becomes Helldol at those doses but for me at the low dose it is Vitamin H. Are these doses being forced upon you?

see if you can stabilize on 1mg. That won’t have any side effects and can stabilize the mind

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No. They took me off Haldol a long time ago. I’ve been on Geodon and Seroquel for around fifteen years. I am very pleased with these drugs. The control my symptoms without putting me into a walking coma. A lot of people swear by Geodon.

Geodon nearly killed me. Literally.

Yup. The same med can affect any two people differently. I knew a guy who could take any amount of Stellazine and not feel anything. Just a little bit of that stuff makes me really, really miserable. Just 50 mg of Trazodone puts some people into a deep sleep and some people can take any amount of that drug and it has no effect on them. One time I took 4500 mg of Trazodone, and it didn’t do a thing to me. I hope you find a med. that works for you.

I’ve been on 1mg haldol (or less .5-.75mg) for over ten years now.

I like Haldol. 151515

Im on 4mg, if i take it in the morning i get depressed

In Russia they use Haldol to torture mental patients. I think they give them really massive doses.

Don’t make it worse than it is. The only time I really felt tourtered by the conventional antipsychotics Clopixol were the period of 5 years when I got 300 mg Clopixol depot weekly and 30 mg clopixol pills as an emergency