One of my stranger delusions

I took LSD when I was in my teens. I had good trips and a few bad trips. The last time I took it I was 19 and I had a nightmarish trip. I took too much. Then, 6 months later, enter schizophrenia. I believe the bad trip triggered my disease but I also believe I would have become schizophrenic eventually anyways whether I took the acid or not.

But for the next year, I thought could feel the LSD in my brain. It seemed like a little piece of something was physically in my brain, kind of like a like a sliver or a piece of tin foil. But I felt that if I worked at it I could get it out. It took me a year but I worked out that little piece of matter.


Yeah, Syd Barrett was pretty much the same that way. Only he wasn’t just doing acid, it was also pot, I think!


I think it would have happened eventually but lsd May have pushed you into it sooner.


I still smell & taste marijuana even if I don’t smoke any.

I like the early Floyd. syd’s creations…

My favourite album is Dark Side of the Moon!


I dont like it very much… i used to when i was younger. I like their debut album. it’s crazy & psychedelic…

To each their own! :cowboy_hat_face:

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don’t you like syd’s compositions?

I do like _A Saucer Full of Secrets , but it’s more in my top 5 or even top 10 of their studio albums!

their debut album, piper?

It’s pretty good, although “Lucifer Sam” is crazy!

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I think “Animals” is underrated. You never hear anything about it.

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I sometimes wonder if I wouldn’t have cracked up so badly if I hadn’t joined the army. I think the alcoholism would have gotten me no matter what I did. It might not have happened as soon, which means I would have had more to lose if I succumbed to alcohol later in life. The schizophrenia probably would have gotten me no matter what I did also.

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