One flew over the cuck coo's nest

my favorite movie, whats yours?


2001 = not much of it came true, though. They should have named it 2051 lol.

best movie for me ever… happy and sweet.

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My favorite movie ever is ‘Synecdoche, New York’
The one that I watched more than any other is probably ‘Amadeus’ - it always makes me teary - like - they killed him! people killed the genius - o tempora o mores! - when are we going to change…

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Angel Baby. 1990’s movie about a schizophrenic couple. Really great movie, very accurate and realistic.

I’ve read the book one flew over the cukoos best but not seen the movie I loved the book though! I love the movie pans labyrinth it hits home with me although I don’t like a particularly violent part of the film I just close my eyes and cover my ears during that bit. I also love the film Amelie surprisedJ!

Hey Firemonkey, good choice. We watched that movie in my film class and studied it. It was famous for it’s ‘montage’ technique of direction, was it not? Why do you like this film?

The Sandpiper…

Did you know that some of the patients were real mentally ill patients int the hospital scenes? And interestingly enough there was a young, Danny Devito and a young Christopher Lloyd playing patients, later they both became famous in the 1970’s TV show,“Taxi”.

The cinematography/direction/ . The pram rolling down the steps as people are massacred is a cinematic classic.

Yes, I remember the scene well.

looks so creepy! lol

“To Kill A Mockingbird”. Its about this small town dealing with racism.


Tatie Danielle.
Harold and maude.

The Matrix and The Fast and the Furious.

When I spent this one night in a crisis assessment center, someone called the nurse “nurse ratchet”


You need to Read " The Electric Cool Aid Acid Test " by Tom Wolfe…Kesey was an acid head who was one of the pioneers of the lsd drug movement.

It’s interesting and gives you some perspective on insanity from the chemical aisles…I tend to think that schizophrenia and other disorders are to do with genetic problems affecting brain chemistry…that is a no brainer…!

A friend in the struggle,


Like more recent movies. Horror movie ‘murder party’ is a fav of mine.

I have two favorites. “Like Water for Chocolate” and “The Scent of Green Papaya”