Did Anyone Like the Book/Movie “One Flew Over the cuckoos Nest?”

I’ve seen the movie and loved it. One of my favorites of all time. Haven’t read the book yet but I’m planning on it lol

What do you guys think?


It was a pretty barbaric time for psychiatry and when you consider how Kesey wrote the book I don’t put too much stock in it. Still. He was closer than a lot and was working on the wards.

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I just love the plot line and the characters. They are so vivid and remind me how much I hate the hospital lol

A great movie, Nicholson was perfect in it. Some of the patients on the ward were real mental patients. Other patients went on to be famous actors like Christopher Lloyd, Danny DeVito and Vincent Andrew Schiavelli.


I first read the book. I wasn’t expecting big nurse to be attractive when I first watched it on the screen.

My mental hospital experience was just too raw for me when I first watched the movie to much appreciate it for what it was. I like it now. I was such a priss when I couldn’t get past my own self.


Nicholson can do so many roles so well. He has such a strong presence.


Yeah, remember this classic scene?


I love the movie. Even though it’s been falsely used as evidence by the anti-psych movement.

It’s still a great movie though. I heard the director meant it more as a metaphor as resistance to tyranny than anything psychological.

I read the book years ago. It’s pretty good. It’s told from the perspective of the Native American character.


I remember that. I only read a small amount of it, and it said that Cheif thought microphones were hidden in his broom.

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This movie kind of went out of circulation, but it might make a comeback.

I loved the movie AND the book. I just hate when I tell people I’ve had ECT and have to explain that it is not done like in the movie.

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It’s too sad for me…when billy bobbet takes his life after Nurse Rachet made him scared of his mom…and then Nicholson gets labotomized and it’s sooo sad…great ending though…Native American justice.

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This is very ironic as i have just this very minute finished watching One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest! I have also read the book. The movie does it justice i think. I enjoyed both.


I love that movie first time I seen it too. Haven’t read the book though. It just brings me back to the ward. Which I loved.

It’s not an accurate depiction entirely but in some way, it is spot on. :')

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It’s a great movie, one that I have revisited many times. So much great acting and good story. Sad ending, but there is a lot of humour also

I liked the movie – I’ve only watched it once, I need to see it again. But I thought it was well done. I watched it during my prodromal phase

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