On my third soccer game today

It’s been a good day so far.


wow your turning into superfan. ive been watching baseball today I’m gonna watch braves nationals

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which games is on? any americans playing?

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Arsenal vs. Manchester City is on ESPN. Manchester City is winning. In spring training do the starters only play like an inning or two?

who’s your favourite team? did they win? :slight_smile:

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I would have a favorite team if I could watch the same club play every week. Tottenham, Manchester United, and Manchester City(probably) won today. I’m satisfied just watching the games. I wish I had a favorite team though.

yeah early in spring training they only play a couple innings or get a couple at bats. most of the starters already have their roster spot secured so they are just getting their work in. the interesting thing is watching players who are trying to make the big league roster and scouting young players who are getting some big league experience.

yesterday I watched shohei ohtani pitch 2 innings for Angels. he’s gonna be a pitcher and DH this year, he looked pretty good.

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Oh yeah I heard about Ohtani. That’s pretty amazing being a pitcher and a DH. Interestingly enough I watched Aaron Judge in spring training last year and the announcers were talking him up big time. I had no idea who he was. He turned out to be pretty good. Spring training is fun to watch.

yeah id like to be in florida right about now taking in a baseball game. usually the teams top minor league prospects who are the verge of playing in mlb get a lot of the attention, that and the pitchers coming back from injury. judge totally took over last year

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Have you watched the Rockies at all? I heard Arenado got the first home run or something that’s about it.

I listened to yesterday’s game on the radio. they crushed my beloved Cincinnati reds 11-4, Yes arrenado took one of our pitching prospects deep yesterday. he’s probably the best 3rd baseman in baseball. I probably wont watch many of the west teams because I’m trying to get to sleep by 10pm eastern time. although me and my dad are going to see the Reds play the Rockies this year at Great American Ballpark

I love that the Rockies always produce a lot of good hitters. they have a solid reputation for producing good hitters

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a lot of people think baseball is boring, but I like it

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Over a decade ago the Rockies tried to acquire big money pitchers and it didn’t work out. They haven’t made the same mistake again. They are fun to watch because of their hitting.

Are the big stars in spring training going to leave for the World Baseball Classic? I’m not sure if that is played every year. When I lived in Ohio everyone loved Barry Larkin. People from Ohio love the Reds man I get it.

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I think they play the WBC every 2 or 4 years. Probably every 4 years. It’s a good event but teams don’t like to overexpose their pitchers arms.

Yeah I feel like the Reds should be just like the Rockies, they’ve been trying to develop pitching and it hasn’t worked. i’d just like to see them have a stacked lineup. they keep drafting pitching high instead of hitting

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I think it’s insane how many baseball games they play a year. 162 or something like that? I will probably watch more baseball this year. I didn’t watch much last year. Did you like Tulowitzki or do you think the Rockies benefited from getting rid of him?

the best good talking to you again. I have to help my dad pull something out of the water. We live right on the banks of the Ohio River and its flooded anyways he needs my help.

I like Tulo but I think they did well to get rid of him. these player salaries are ridiculous, I just read the average salary in baseball is now 4 million per season. it would be nice to see the teams able to keep their best players though

anyways gotto go

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Later nice talking to you.

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