Om's trumanomatrix

Where is reality bro? I don’t see it

It’s like the land under the good flowers
and bad weeds.
It’s the common underground of all.
It’s the basis.

Why are people so cryptic. Where is the real world?

The real world is here.
If you stay away from judgment

Is this the real world?

@discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: It is certain


Ok well if discobot says so it must be true


Voices talked about cameras.
But I don’t feel paranoia or fear.

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Voices talk sh-it, that’s why it’s called shiz-o-frenia.

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Ha yes.
I just took my noon meds.
I will take a nap.
Any voices today?

I studied today… had many voices, but not when i studied. Did two assignments, so I am happy with the results.

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What kind of assignments?

Nice. Bravo

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This evening i drink coffee
instead of vodka.
I’m not feeling anything alarming.
Everything fine.


Going to leave the forum, been nice knowing you. I hear animals talking, but no-one can explain. Am on meds, best to go offline. Goodbye.

Hey dude, don’t go.
That won’t make any difference to your schizophrenia.
It’s nice to talk here with fellows who understand you.

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The unusual beliefs category in this thread is being used for the purpose of promoting simulation theory/ truman show delusion and such. Unusual beliefs category is for overcoming delusions, not promoting them. I have posted about this topic in staff thread. We can no longer allow this thread to be a haven for these beliefs.

If you want to open up a thread just to shoot the breeze, which is some of what your threads posts are, there is no reason to open it in unusual beliefs. If you wish to open a thread on simulation theory/truman show or other such beliefs, it needs to be opened in the unusual beliefs category for the purpose of recovery, not promotion or debate of these beliefs.

Thank you.

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I want you to understand that combining the two is not working out. Your thread has become a haven for people to feed off each others beliefs. Any future threads combining chat with delusions in the unusual beliefs category will be closed.

A chat thread in the lounge is fine. Recovery from delusions in unusual beliefs is fine. The two together in your threads have shown that it ends up just being people feeding off each other.