Oms madhouse 5

Well @Om_Sadasiva how long until they shut this down :grimacing:

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Lol, yes, I am curious too.

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Voices say they will murder me. They say I will go to Mesaha after I die. Which is like paradise but it’s not matter nor spirit either. It’s both

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Are your voices engaging you in conversation?

Yes, but lately they just make commands and speak as if they’re authority. Yours?

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They have no power.

Ownie speaks anytime I listen for him but I don’t know what he’s saying. Sometimes il put some words together.the last time that happened he was telling me it was real all the IRA can read my thoughts

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I juggle with the idea of ownie being real, he always refers to himself as ‘us’ which means he’s probably speaking for all my voices namely Noel and Anthony, I also have some younger cheekier guys who chime In and are very threatening wild guys who sound very real.

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The younger cheekier guys are even more real than the others, they sound just like a cheeky ■■■■ who got a hold of some magical device to make me hear voices and they are abusing it, having fun with it at my expense

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Don’t you ever doubt them?

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I’m in mild psychosis. I fear it will grow in a severe case. Voices, commands ,humiliation, theological revelations

As strange as it may be heard, I feel more alive and energetic with voices. Without them I sink deeply in negatives. So, it’s positives that draw me from the pit of negatives


My voices are just gone. 100% unaudible most of the time now.

My big problem right now is arthritis.

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How did you do it? Meds only?

Very little meds. I’m using alt methods. They’re 100% safe but the mods are mad at me for mentioning it. Only one that isn’t safe is PEMF, but that’s a risk in building it. Also I haven’t used it much in the past few days. It just helps a good amount.

This morning I took 0.5 mg Haldol.

I’m going to write a book / blog on this regimen, particularly once I fix my arthritis. Or maybe I’ll write another book on that.

I take haldol injection. my pdoc says it’s a miracle med, very good. I also take Chlorpromazine and clozapine

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I’m just going to say you need to be careful with your gut / brain axis. That’s the key to mental health.

If the barriers for your gut and brain are permeable, you will get neuroinflammation and you will hate life.

Before December (when the IRA started following me again in December) I was 100% that they are not real.

It’s just when people follow you and know where you go before you go there (when you don’t tell anybody) it’s like the voices told them so now I’m like 75% 25% that they are not real

Sometimes I get a day or two where I seriously doubt their validity

I think your right in a sense that your brain is more alert and it’s exciting in a way but I couldn’t do any work on the farm with voices talking about everything in my head, too stressful for even small tasks

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@naturallycured we aren’t mad at you. The problem is you claim things work, which is misleading to vulnerable members who may be in crisis. We don’t want ill people abandoning their meds.

Now, I KNOW you don’t ever tell people to go off their meds. It’s just by saying something works or will work, a vulnerable, ie “uneducated in natural meds” person may go off their meds and become worse

What we want to see from you is more of an…" I have used this and I believe it may help me" approach. Or “this may help in addition to meds”


Okay, sounds good.
I’ll be careful to vouch for things until I’ve nailed down a stable workday.

Like for the time being I can be awake and well rested for 17-18 hours without stimulants, but I can’t work due to arthritis.