Old man...how much longer will I live?

I am now 57. that is hitting me a lot harder than I thought…13 years from 70. ■■■■. now what? I guess I will just try to get along and forget about it…I don’t feel 57. I feel 39. so I am just going to keep my doctor’s appointments and keep up on my body. I wish I would exercise more…goshdarnit.


Yeah mate. It’s hard but I’m soon to be 49 and probably the fittest I’ve been since I was in my late 20’s. I am definitively stronger and much better since I don’t smoke anymore. Wish I got into the fitness thing way earlier because my mental health is pretty good too.

Hang in there matey. You just do what you do…and keep that chin up!


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.


I am 35. I don’t think about how much time I still have left. I do believe in afterlife though, and that diminishes my fear of death although it does not increase the courage for reckless actions. If that makes any sense.

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I’m also 35. I want to be 21 again! My back hurts and I’m forty pounds heavier than I used to be. I used to have ab muscles showing! Someone told me when I was in my twenties you don’t want to wake up one day at thirty and be like what happened, but that feels like what happened!

I totally lost 31-33 to psychosis and 34 to recovery. I just want to be high functioning by 40.


We can’t turn back time. Every age has its charm…
But losing weight sound like a good idea. Good luck!

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You have lots of possibilities yet Juke and 13 years till 70 is a long time to change things. Glad you are still in the fight.

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