Feeling old tonight

I turn 61 next month. Nine freakin’ years from 70. I guess it’s almost over for me, I d k. Depends on whether I start exercising more I guess…I got my weight down under 200 lbs. so I’m proud of that. but nine years from 70. man !


Exercise and eat healthy and I bet you make it to your 80’s.


yeah thanks man…I’m starting to see that.

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Lately I’ve been feeling my age but actually even more than my age. I think to myself “what are you 90?” when I try to do something that should be easy and it’s just hard. I used to be super limber and it kept me feeling young. I need to get down on the floor and start stretching everything out everyday.

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I’m fitter now at 52 than when I was 30 as I drank and smoked. It’s never too late and moving is good. Start small with some good goals. I started wanting to do 10.000 steps a day and that took a while but now do way more than that…there’s always some way to improve your fitness and you’ll live longer for sure.


thanks guys…I have a yoga dvd I’ve been wanting to get out and do…I think that sounds really cool now…

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I am 52 and thanks to all this news from the media,I can no longer honestly look forward to the future. I can only dread the future day to day.

I don’t watch news, only read headlines…I get most of my news from my wife but I tell her to exclude the nasty parts…would rather be oblivious really.

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