Old Kindle devices will be kicked off the internet, Amazon warns


İ have kindle paperwhite 2.i hope they not kicked out them

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Yeah Amazon didn’t meet their projected sales goals so now they are going to force people to buy more up to date Kindles.

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They already force to buy new kindles by prohibit the read some books on kindles.i use to have c++ primer e book that on kindle format.i used to read it without problem 4 years ago in my kindle paperwhite.now i can not read on same gadget.that nonsense.i also can not read on my kindle desktop app.

Is it similar progress from vinyl to cd. Or DVD to smart TV ? I get this advertising about the electronic paper “remarkable”. I liked to have the first, but now there is a second better one.

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More about it here…

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“Kicked off the internet” is a funny way of saying it is too old and based on soon-to-be outdated mobile network technology.

No one is kicking anyone off the internet here, not even Amazon.


I recently bought one so I guess I won’t have any problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

The good news is Amazon sent me a super discount ($70 off) on a new kindle plus a $25 ebook credit since I have an early kindle that will be affected (I haven’t used it in years since I’ve upgraded multiple times since then).

The bad news is that I already purchased a new kindle about 6 months ago. Looks like I’ll be using the discount to purchase my mom a new kindle. :slight_smile:


3G. That’s not even available in my area now.

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Thanks for the heads up - that wont please my mother, at least i know what to buy for her birthday in november - hers is well old.

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