Ok, these are MY rules

if I’m going to be on this site,,

you’re going to have learn to de-escalate a situation,

if you don’t like something I said, or posted,

just delete it. if that’s not good enough,

suspend me for one day. One Day.

because it all looks different the next day.

it is rare, that I pick fights on this site,

but we’re not all going to see eye to eye,

what, are you trying to create some La La land.

why are some of the great posters not on here anymore.

and by the way, I Will defend myself.

are the instigators getting suspended.

this is way ridiculous, how much you suspend me.

if you can’t live by my rules, then just ban me for life!

it’s so disturbing to think that mods even want me on here.

how could they when I don’t even last a week, until a next

2 month suspension. This Is Who I Am, and I’ve never conformed

to anything all my life. if comments to this post shows that it’s not

worth it, then I won’t be here, but I need help too or support or


for me to be here.

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Omg. Not again Daze. You know you’re gonna get suspended again if you talk like this. Why not find somewhere else to post? Another website?

I’m on Facebook, @Loke,
and I’ve got lots of friends
I chat with on there.

I wasn’t going to post this, it appeared on my blog and Twitter,
shortly after suspension, but then I knew I had to post it here.

I’m being true to myself.

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