Oh the anhedonia

Its time like this where i wish i could find something to enjoy like a good skate session or a job that is low stress. Or even a good music session by myself or with a couple friends. Do you or did you have anhedonia before? Did it ever go away for you?

I had anhedonia and it is much less severe now. The good feelings connected to love, nature, music, etc are still less pronounced than before. There is no euphoria or so. But I CAN experience good feelings again. Enough to enjoy life.

So… don’t give up hope!

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Yes, I’ve had anhedonia in a big way. Getting older and moving out of my parent’s house did a lot to remove it. When I was living with my parents it was very painful because it reminded me that I was no model of success. Life is better now that I am living in an assisted living center.


I suffer with some pretty severe Anhedonia symptoms.
Not many things give me pleasure.

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U said very little? Damn Im sorry to hear that buddy hopefully things turn around for you on that subject matter.

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