I've suddenly developed anhedonia ! Hooray!






  1. inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities.

I don’t know if it’s seasonal , or maybe increased coffee intake or just a worsening of symptoms.

Either way I’m screwed. I’m hoping temporarily.


It is hard to say. It could be seasonal. Do you by chance have a mood lamp? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I bought one for an elderly relative. If it continues I might borrow it and try it out. Yeah, good idea.


I have been anhedonic due to depression lately. Nothing seems to be enjoyable. Even eating seems like a chore. Hope you find some relief @everhopeful. Hang in there man.


Maybe it’s due to seasonal depression. :thinking:


I talked with my therapist about this. She told me the only thing to do is to keep doing things you did enjoy. That did make you happy. I did and now experience a little happiness and enjoyment. Not a lot but it is a big change from nothing.


For you or me? I am sza bipolar type so this is just par for the course for me. It probably has a lot to do with the season though.


For me I meant.


Oh ok. I hope it is only a temporary thing for you. Maybe the lamp you mentioned will help. I know others talk about having success with it.


If it remains for too long talk to your pdoc about it though.


Thanks @disciple , I will .


I still feel pleasure but the “amount” of pleasure I feel per activity has greatly lessened.

I been watching more TV as of late though.


Sorry to hear this. I’ve had it years so I can sympathise with the way you are feeling. I hope for you it’s temporary and seasonal.


I suffer with anhedonia even before the depression hit me.
It could be the shorter days of autumn/winter.
I hope that you start feeling better soon @everhopeful.

Yeah give the SAD lamp a try.