Oh no I'm overdrafted but I am fixing it...problem spending

I lost my mind at the super market and ended up spending every bit of cash on the card…I thought I was safe but then i remembered I already spent $30 more than was in my account…a friend thank goodness is lending me the precious money to put in my account !! what happened I will never know…I bought a bunch of food that sounded good but wtf?


Do you feel manic? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

not really…but it was like I was manic in the store…I didn’t pay attention to how much it was costing…it was like I was pretending I’m rich for a split second…?? baffled really.


Were you hungry when you went food shopping? That is my downfall

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yes !! starving…that’s probably it…salmon patties for two weeks will do that to you !!

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I got everything paid and have too much left. Now I’m wondering where I made a mistake in the math. I always do that then think I have money left over to spare only to look back and find the mistake later or just have to adjust things down. It gets really depressing.

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The most basic thing about shopping is never shop while hungry. You just proved why. Maybe you didn’t have food at home and couldn’t help it.

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I’m not overly hungry when I go grocery shopping. I still spend quite a lot . If I was into beans and pulses etc I’d probably spend less.

I’ve been really struggling last month. Not doing anything stupid but finding it hard to save money. Usually I get by but seriously that price of petrol is getting dumb and the car sucks some money. It’s over $1.50 a litre but still I should be doing better…

This pay period starts Wednesday and I’m getting serious. No beer or alcohol. Spend only what i need to on the car and just try and save some money. It really does suck when your on a fortnightly pay cycle and your skint after a week…Feel your pain brother!

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I spent too much on rice and kung pao chicken for my bible study group. But it was fun to cook everything and I hope they enjoy it.

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I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet, but I often make the mistake of going when I’m hungry even though I know better. I have some items to return that I ordered online, and then I will go shopping after. Hopefully I’ll stay within my budget.

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I hear you - im exactly the same when shopping, i just throw it in without thinking, buying steaks etc, that sometimes i dont even eat and end up binning them instead of freezing it.

Im gonna live out my freezers this week. Im sure the banks gonna ring me up before long - cos i been into the overdraft far too soon after getting paid latley.

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