Oh happy day it's payday tonight!

I am determined not to run out of money this month !! no more splurging on the first couple days of eating out and donuts in the morning…we are going to be comfortable this month !!


Budgeting is good. I allow myself some money for treats but If I have too I can save. That is the key to living the modern world. It’s all about disposable income really.

You can do it. Just prioritize your spending. We got paid today too so we had a meal out. Happy days indeed!


When I first moved out of the house in my early twenties, I was too lazy to do the dishes. I swear some nights I ate spaghetti out of a bun pan with measuring spoons! :smile:


That’s the spirit OP. Hah! Yes! I’ll be paid in the morning as well. Thank heavens. I was starting to get a little light in the wallet. Anywho. Tomorrow my dad is taking me to my pdoc appointment so I promised I’d buy us Chinese. But I also need to be more mindful of my spending.

  1. I cut out the beer two weeks ago :slightly_smiling_face:
  2. No more purchasing on credit :slightly_frowning_face:
  3. Eat out less (Chinese exempted) :innocent:
  4. Buy in bulk. ?



I treat myself to A&W most paydays…two buddy burgers and an onion rings!..10 bucks! Now that’s livin large! (In my world anyways)


Can’t beat A&W. That sounds like a great treat and don’t forget to buy a gallon of root beer for yourself.


Yeah…I enjoy Harvey’s and A&W…my two fave fast food restaurants. KFC once in a while doesn’t hurt as well.

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Yes I get that check as well on the 3rd of the month.:hugs::hugs:

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Sounds awesome. Haven’t been to one of those a&w in years though


Thats me every fortnight - down to a tea. Damn amazon gets me everytime on there promotions. Ruddy Click and Buy at 2am in the morning when i cant sleep.

And Yay! Im paid in the morning as well! lol.

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I got my check today also

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