Oh by the way did I mention I have schizophrenia

One day I was working on a roof with a couple of other construction people and an average schizophrenic walks by talking to himself he was carrying on and making motions with his hands and one of the construction men speaks up and says man I’m glad I’m not him the other one spoke up and said those people don’t even know where they’re at half the time well enough anytime I turned to the other two and looked at them and said oh by the way do I mention that I take medication after explaining


That’s good you corrected them.

You’re braver than me

When they were talking about a new hire before the manager said did they pass the ‘psycho test’ and I was taken back by it, and did not say anything

Perhaps I should have made the point, but I failed to do so

Good on you @DrZen for making them understand better that we’re all fallible and not everyone knows it yet, but so are they


I am glad you defended that person. I have a hard time being outspoken. I am afraid of people.

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