October 20 weekend

what will you do this weekend? any plans?

Today I walked in the rain… I feel heavy. I gained weight… I do not feel comfortable in my skin anymore.
I have nothing planned for the weekend, maybe will go apple picking and work a little.

I have a huge Halloween party coming up. I will be posting all the treats I make. Mr. Star and I are going to dress up as actual stars! The constellations Perseus and Andromeda. They are my favorite constellation couple.


Finally will be a little warmer and dry here this weekend, have some things to fix on the house this weekend outside and some equipment to get ready for winter

Living the dream…


i will probably do… nothing! :frowning:

maybe i need to plan something, but of course i have hard time finding things to do. :expressionless:

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I don’t think I’m doing much of anything this weekend. I just had toenail surgery this morning so I’m going I’ll be able to walk without pain soon.

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I usually stay home on weekends because many people who work are off (I don’t like crowds). I will meditate and play chess against a chess app.

Yes, I’m boring.

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No money so up to little. Will try and get out in the fresh air as much as possible though as going to like 29oC (85oF) all weekend.

Going to a pumpkin farm with a friend and his daughter. Should be fun to watch her enjoy the animals.