Weekend Plans

Have to sleep early tonight. I will take my meds later.
Tomorrow morning I have yoga class then at night clubbing with girlfriends.

I wonder if they will notice how much I have changed. My weight and also my focus? :thinking: Maybe not.

Sunday relax and Halloween decoration

What about you?


I don’t know what I will wear tomorrow night. :confused:

Probably sleep all Saturday and go to church on sunday.

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My only plan is to read Dracula :bat:.

I’ve been meaning to start it, but I am the worst procrastinator.

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busy day. lots of errands. but hopefully i will find time to work on some hobbies by saturday night or sunday.

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I’m starting to get sick for the second month in a row. My negative symptoms are off the wall when sick. Might just walk around the garden, drink lots of orange juice, cozy on my bed, sleep, take it really easy… Birthday party next week and leave for China next Friday so I really need to get better before then!


I will follow my usually schedule today; feed the cat, going for a walk, etc and tomorrow I will go on a trip to a monastery in my county. I wish you all a nice weekend! :slight_smile: