Ocd problem

so for ocd i just started back on;
st john wort
also now doing tryptophan
also ashwagandha…soon as i get hold of it…
i have green tea…
went to ocd forums…i could not find anything !?!
mrs.sith said why not ask here !?!

any other ideas… ? :scream:

take care :alien:

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What are your ocd symptoms I count to 3s 12s and 15s but nothing helps

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i get obsessed with stupid perfection stuff…
i used to have it real bad…
i can feel it coming back…it is unnerving me.
take care :alien:

I have some moderate OCD stuff. Like checking my car doors, my backpack, headlights, having a lucky pen, thinking I ran over someone when it was a pothole, ect

I had very severe and debilitating OCD as a teen, so I feel like my OCD these days is child’s play.

Clozapine is known for making patients more OCD. I don’t recall you being on it.

Practice the four R’s of OCD.

Relabel the obsessions and compulsions as symptoms of a disease.

Reattribute the thoughts to fault brain wiring.

Refocus, turn your focus on something else (maybe something fun or productive, whatever makes you feel better).

Revalue the whole OCD thing. Take away its power over you. Look at what it’s worth. It has little to no value.

I struggled with OCD for years and had a girlfriend who had it really badly.


For my OCD I did biofeedback. Basically, I strap a sensor to my forehead and watch a movie. The movie activates the emotional, irrational part of my brain and shuts down the logical part. The sensor reads activity in the rational part, and when it drops too low it pauses the movie. In order to restart the movie again, I have to calmly focus on engaging my rational thinking again. The trick is that I can’t get frustrated at the movie constantly stopping, because frustration also shuts down rational thinking. So I just have to stay calm and focus. Over time, the machine has trained my brain to stay rational during stressful times.

I did this once a week for 20 minutes at a time for four years. Now I only do it occasionally when I am having a rougher time than normal. I bought the machine for a thousand dollars, but a few years ago they made a game called MindFlex that does the same thing. The sensor controls a tiny fan that levitates a ball, and you have to navigate the ball through an obstacle course, focusing on turning the fan hire or lower. The game is 99$ on Amazon.

If you choose to do one of those though, make sure you don’t use it for too long at a time. When I first started I could only do it for five minutes per weekly session. If you go too long you’ll fatigue your brain and give yourself a headache.

I did all this under the care of a doctor, but as far as I know, he is the only one in the country who does it, so unless you live in Manlieus, you’d probably have to figure it out on your own.

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I have a dog who helps me

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@mortimermouse thanks, the four Rs’ are a good idea.
@cj9556 thanks, i have never heard of this machine…it sounds like a great idea.
take care :alien:

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Glad to see you found it useful.

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I have a lot of significant contamination fears associated with OCD.

I fear that the food that I buy in the market can be tampered with.

I double and triple check to see that the food I buy is sealed - etc…

I cant take antidepressants because it can trigger serious manic episodes.

I guess what I use is CBT and this help a bit, but honestly not enough.

I struggle with OCD symptoms.

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@crazzy thanks i hope you like it on the forum it has helped me heaps :sunny: …i agree animals are very healing…and distracting :dog: :cat:
@Wave sorry you get this…mine is a thousand times better than it was…but after depression ( which i don’t have anymore )…ocd is the worst of my mental problems.
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:

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