OCD - Anxiety and Perfectionism

My psychiatrist diagnosed me with OCD - she said that I always want to be perfect when it comes to my disorder - maybe I expect too much, and I have to remind myself that its not a perfect world.
I recently discovered that perfectionism can be a part of the anxious or OCD picture - as an example, I went to the market and the head cashier - manager told me that I should go to the next check out aisle, because I had too many items for the express lane - and there was a man that was slowing down the line because he had a 100 coupons in front of me.
What she said bothered me, it shouldnt have but it did - it always seems that I want to have a perfect day - not obstacles or inconveniences in the way. I expect too much from others maybe - I want the people around me to be kind and gentle - I want the day to go very smooth. Any imperfections or hurdles and my entire day is ruined it seems.
I have got to learn to let go and try to let things roll as they may - this OCD is affecting me more than I thought.
I do think that having an anxiety disorder like OCD opens you up to being more sensitive.
My pdoc was right when she called me a perfectionist - gotta learn that I cannot control a lot of things in my life - but thats ok

The finicky and obsessive mind-set known as perfectionism “goes hand in hand with anxiety disorders,” Winston says. “If you are constantly judging yourself or you have a lot of anticipatory anxiety about making mistakes or falling short of your standards, then you probably have an anxiety disorder.”

Perfectionism is especially common in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which, like PTSD, has long been viewed as an anxiety disorder. “OCD can happen subtly, like in the case of somebody who can’t get out of the house for three hours because their makeup has to be absolutely just right and they have to keep starting over,” Winston says.


I know your feeling, I suffer from OCD too :confused:

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I have minor OCD, specifically it bothers me when things aren’t symmetrical or even, and my subconscious obsesses over music to the point where I have a constant soundtrack in my head. The sz just amplifies that and makes it sound like the music is actually playing from a radio, instead of just a song stuck in my head, so it’s a nasty combination.

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You sound a little like me.
If something out-of-the-way happens before I start my routine for the day, I`ll try to go with it, but then I have to go backwards and start my routine anyway.
I am starting to let go of so much these days-it takes time.

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Tell me what you do about these,lol

i have this problem too…
but i remind myself when i get funny…" imperfection is perfection "…
perfection is only a perception…
life is like a river for me, we have to let go, not care where the current takes us.
i do sometimes end up on the bank or caught on a tree branch extending into the river…
but i eventually get free and dive into the middle of the river again.
the river knows where to take you…
we cannot control the river…
it is our guide in this immense universe.
take care

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