Occasionally I'll opt for a change

Usually order hot dogs from this place but tonight I’ve gone for burgers.

The Bavarian Burger

Lazy pickle Handcrafted 6oz burger, smoked Bavarian cheese, caramelized onions, red onion, tomato & lettuce

The Big Blue Burger

Lazy Pickle handcrafted 6oz burger, blue cheese, caramelised red onions & baby leaf lettuce

Are you a burger or a hotdog person ? I guess they have some real fancy choices in the States.


I’m more of a burger person than a hotdog person. I like the sound of the blue cheese one.

I like burgers too. I like smoked sausage though, but I think that is different to hot dogs.

I’m more of a hotdog person. Although I like hamburgers too.

Not a good choice. The burgers were not very meaty and rather bland.

I’d love to be able to eat a hotdog but burgers come with a vegetarian option so it has my vote.