Obesity pains

I started stuffing myself when I was 10, after a tonsillectomy. But I did not gain serious weight until I was a teen. Then, I would eat until my stomach hurt, eat some more and retire to my bed holding my stomach. Trying to please mother had something to do with it. Why couldn’t I have just talked to her? Now, my eating is ok, but whenever the meal is just a little too much, the pain and the reminders of the past return. I have yet to have firm tummy muscles that deal well with life.


I put on like 20 kilos while on Olanzopine for a period of time. Sometimes its the medication atypical antipsychotics tend to make u put on weight.


You had a similar experience to me, I gained 30 kilos in two months on olanzapine which was unfair because I wasn’t really eating at the time due to thinking I was being posioned, it just piled on, did my back in people told me to ignore it; that my mental health was more important. It took away all that mattered to me and that was walking, suddenly I couldn’t walk ten minutes without having to sit down due to back pain, my physio now thought it caused a disk to slip but the doctors at my time during hospital simply told me a pediatrician was hard to get a hold of and they wouldn’t see me.

I have lost some of that weight and I am seeing a personal trainer to help me get fit again hopefully it will work.


I understand this, even though it was olanzapine that caused me to gain weight I’ve always been an emotional eater and I eat to point I feel full and now that takes a lot, I rarely feel full and get hungry quicker than I used to, im aware this may be a side effect of meds but I’ve learnt to control it through chewing gum or going for a walk/ drawing/ painting/ playing guitar to distract me. Also portion control, I got plates that states the size of the normal portion eat that and no more I may have a yoghurt or fruit for pudding (although I do have sweet tooth so occasionally naughty things sneak in). It’s also normal to overeat once in a while, but when it becomes frequent can make the individual feel distress and become disordered eating eating beyond the point of full and when you don’t want to eat more but do are signs of disordered eating such as binge eating.

I’m glad your eating is okay now, try to focus on that and think that you are in control now. Sorry if I’ve got the wrong point of this… Take care!