Obamacare repeal seen as weakening mental health protections

That is so depressing and sad. I am legit scared. I wish my reality really was fake and they would yell “cut!” Unbelievable.

Lol what are we gonna do if we don’t have our meds? This world is crazy.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a non-partisan federal agency that has the sole purpose of assessing the cost of federal legislation, released its report yesterday on the proposed Trumpcare. As it’s currently written, 24 million people who now receive their healthcare via the ACA will lose their healthcare within the next decade, 12 million in 2018 alone. However, those numbers include people who will opt out of Trumpcare (the current mandate is slated to be removed).

This legislation will certainly be tweaked to get the votes in the House and Senate, and even then it may not pass. That said, there are people on this website who will be greatly impacted if Trumpcare becomes law, so this legislation is very important.

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