Numbness, especially in my face

I’m a very tense person and while exercising a learning to relax I am noticing that being tense is very painful. I had gone numb to it. I’ve noted for some time that I didn’t feel the same feelings others feel, but I didn’t know why. Just being jambed up with tension seems to be the cause.

is it anxiety? it wears you out.

That could be. I hadn’t thought of that - thanks.

Yeah it could be tension/anxiety I hope you feel better soon Chordy

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chordy this helps me with anxiety its paul Mc kennor hypnosis you can download it on you tube and it totally relaxes you and they have ones for losing weight, stopping smoking, phobias all sorts i think it works better with headphones yw:)

I’m leery of hypnosis. Actually what was behind it was a fear of pain, so suppression was induced. There are good pains and there are bad pains said one doc many years ago. It does no good to suppress the good pains. Like a new deal at the gym yesterday - yeoooow! But today I feel ever so much better.

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I know - it’s the result of years of shaving, lol.

i really know about pain right now just poured boiling water over myy hand! oooooow

definitely a bad pain. Hope you’re ok. I’ve heard the first instinct, to put it under cold water, is a good one.

thanks yess i did that so i dont think itll be too bad just scared me more than anythhing

Don’t let your good right arm get away from you !!!

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I’ve noticed lately a lot of my face is numb. Maybe from so much dental work. Maybe neuropathy from diabetes.