Noticed I'm slipping backwards this week

Not too sure how to describe what I’m experiencing. My thoughts feel like they are caught in a sea of molasses. Having a hard time telling what’s real from not. I don’t feel like myself. I don’t even know WTF I’m trying to say. All I know is I feel like poo, and I can’t communicate what’s in my mind. I’m going backwards, that’s all I know.

Damn - Maybe you should call the pdoc ASAP

I hope that you feel better soon Greg, it could have something to do with your recent med change


I just took a handfull of vitamins.

Maybe my body wanted some nutrients.

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I’m sorry your having this happen. I hope it’s just a small couple of days. I also have brain erase at times and something lifts the words right out of my head as I’m saying them.

It’s hard to deal with some times… for me… heat or lack of sleep can bring it on… anything that is dramatically different can cause my mind to erase or jump track as I’m trying to talk.

I hate it and it makes me self conscious about talking to others.

I hope you feel better soon and I know you’ll talk to your doc if it gets worse.


I hope you get back on track Alien. I’m pulling for everyone to win on this site.
Like Bruce Springsteen once said, “In the end, no one wins unless we all win”.

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Thanks for your thoughtful words @77nick77, @SurprisedJ, @Dude1, and @Wave. I went for a long walk and exercised with a friends’ dog, and I feel better. Also took nighttime meds…never hurts. :wink:


Maybe you should take more walks to clear your head. You can regroup and deal with life again on an even keel.

I think the heat and shitty traffic jams make me feel messed up.

That and I am fixated on buffalo sauce coated chicken breasts. That’s bedside the point.

I think the heat irritates me when I’m stuck in my car- Memphis is a sticky humid heat. That and I felt like scrambled eggs this morning and threw up in my mouth thrice after drinking my coffee and taking my meds. I am ready for the two exams tomorrow though.

The Bay Area is infamous for traffic jams. Maybe you’re throwing up from too much liquid and getting too worked up. I know that combination makes me feel like throwing up.

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I realize that I may be the minority here but this is basically what I think of hard work: (Skip to time 3:30)

(And I’m not afraid to say it)

Sorry, meng. Sucks. You’re in the middle of a med change, n’est pas? Will take you a week or two to level out. I always find med adjustments are like wading thru mud.


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This was an issue yesterday (the day I started this thread). I faked an asthma attack to get out of the service and go home for a while under the guise of having to hit my inhaler. Getting real tired real quick of forced church attendance.

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This church in question is big on the “laying of hands” and “speaking in tongues.” I thought I was the one who has issues. :stuck_out_tongue: The pastor likes to proclaim loudly “MIGHTY GOD MIGHTY GOD.” He does it so much it’s predictable, and I can’t help but grin from ear to ear when he does it. He goes off on tangents and is very hard to follow. Some of his recent examples are “mopping the floor is like God’s love,” and he has broken out a screwdriver and drill and shown us how much easier it is to “love God using a drill than a screwdriver.” It’s quite ridiculous.

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