Nothing to do?

I am not working and don’t need to start a working career as i get a pension. I got enough money to be on the internet. Its really sobering. Sometimes i wish i would have a goal to be passionate about, but i don’t. I created a problem in my younger years and became addicted to tabbacco smoking. I am kind of happy to have at least one problem, all my other problems are solved. But still nothing meaningful to do. I am just a humble of many. I don’t pursue to get rich or famous. I dreamed once of an academic career, but i learn about stuff of my interest on the internet. I got an ereader with lots of books :books:. Any ideas what i could passionately pursue?


When I am bored or have nothing to do I sleep lol
I know its not good.


Yes i like meditating in bed or listen to something.


I know this is off topic but what favorite books and/or who are your favorite authors?


I wish I can sleep naturally - even on serequel i would fall asleep driving or at work - but would have insomnia at night.

@Dunno3x I am figuring out basic daily goals RN - nothing seems to be important though. So its hard to make goals like cleaning/self care when I don’t care about it.


I think it is ingrained in people when they are young to always keep busy. It is okay to do what you like provided you are not hurting anybody.

It took me 38 years to find the banjo. Well worth the wait.

Bird watching is mostly free or can be as expensive as you like. Getting out in nature can do wonders for the soul.



I read all kinds. I used to read scifi, history or books about religion. Selfhelpbooks are my favourite.

Yes, i think too, with maturity comes wisdom and i don’t rush into activities.

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Learn something that doesnt cost money. You can always learn new things.


Yes, i still got free course in website development. I could finish it. I signed up for this a decade ago, but lost interest. Maybe i should start all over again and get some insight in IT. I get a working second-hand laptop soon.


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