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I don’t like your graffitis, cos generally I don’t like graffitis, but i like your drawings. Draw something. I like the females you draw

I know I draw very bad

No, you draw fine. Do something

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I am terrible at drawing don’t have motivation now

You feel down today, don’t you?
You should be more confident.

Confident about what?

Confidence comes when you have knowledge you need and practicing it by time you will gain confidence… I have confidence laying on bed

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You must have confidence cos you draw well. And with practice you can improve. And by studying the works of famous painters and art movements

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I don’t have curiosity or mood I don’t feel good

Do you take antidepressant? I take

I don’t like ad

Why? I take one and it helps

And what do they help you? Did you achieved some goals w8th them?

They help with my mood. I am fine now.
Without it, I was suicidal

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