Note to Sleepoptimistic

If you typed normally, I’d consider reading your SHIZZLE

That’s something you might want to take to heart in the future. :wink:

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It takes time and I still skim over it, but it’s good stuff in there.


I like you and your music…just can’t bend my head around your posting style…

Just sayin…

yeah, I tried reading a few times, just couldn’t.

His responses to posts are better than his journals.

Sounds like he has persistent ideas of reference with auditory hallucinations and he drinks a lot of sodas

but yeah good music aside from the spears song

HA (!!!) ,

Read Thus ,

)THUS(-- (!!!) ,

GOTCHA (!!!)


I felt the same way until about a week ago or so. I was reading a post of his out loud and it sounded not only totally coherent but really smart. So I make the effort now, it’s worth it.


Oh, Britney’s my girl :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:. For a while the only artists I would buy new stuff from without fail were her, the Mountain Goats, Radiohead and Kanye.

Hah. To each their own. Mountain goats eh? I’ll try to remember to listen to them.

Wow Yo Yo ,

Rhubot ,

Here Are My Favorite Bands ,


Jus My Personal Opinion …




Cause Radiohead Is Coolio Yo Yo Yo (!!!)


John Darnielle, singer-songwriter. Odd voice (I love it) but amazing lyricist. Used to record all his albums on an old Panasonic boom box. My favorite albums are All Hail West Texas and We Shall All Be Healed. Tallahassee is a popular choice.

From Tallahassee:

From AHWT:


Last one is my favorite song ever.

Don’t know if your sister could tolerate him musically, but if you think she could, kick him her way with my regards.

Hmm ,


Hmm ,

What .

About .

THUS (!!!)

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I’m not going to be able to close my web browser for a long time I’m assuming.

Posted these before here.

My theme song last year.

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Really super fond of Up the Wolves, have found myself singing/shouting/crying along, IT’S GONNA TAKE YOU PEOPLE YEARS, as I’m driving.

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I was introduced to them through the walking dead tv series. The end of S4E12: had up the wolves and the whole scene was brilliant. Defiantly worth watching just for that.

You’ve got an excellent selection there.

I always had kind of this half-formed idea that tmg were good for self-medication, kind of. Like, you could tell something about the hopes and fears and injuries of a person by which tmg songs meant the most to them. Like, when I’m feeling my most worthless and defective and guilt-ridden, Cotton:

This song is for the rats
who hurled themselves into the ocean
when they saw that the explosives in the cargo hold were just about to blow.
This song is for the soil
that’s toxic clear down to the bedrock
where no thing of consequence can grow: drop your seeds there, let them go.
Let them all go.

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I think you entertain yourself, with your style of writing. Keep it up my brotha!

No Dizzie Fo Shizzie ,

But Jus Between You and I ,

We Aren’t Related …

“brotha” …