Minni doesn't like me

Here’s Patric being ‘rude’. Nobody shut him down like me. Just Sayin.
@Minnii, @Moonbeam

I’d like to file this with the complaint department or suggestion box.

Geez, cool your boots @NiceHat. You seem to have an issue with the forum in general. We’re all just trying to get along the best we can.


Maybe you need to take a break from the forum for a while. I think you’re taking things too personally.

It’s really hard to decipher how people feel towards you through text alone.

I doubt @Minnii dislikes you, she has a job to moderate the forum to make it a nice place for everyone.


I’m still frustrated by that event from the other day. Just sayin.

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I don’t think you are “just sayin” since you’ve intentionally called out a member (minnii) and aired your grievance. If you’re just frustrated, then can’t you get over it in private? How do you expect Minnii to respond to this? What is the outcome you’re trying to achieve here?

BTW, I’m grabbing popcorn.


What is this? Honestly @NiceHat, I wasn’t even a mod back then, that’s from more than a year ago.

I just try to keep the peace on the forum, if you care to do the same, you’re very welcome.

Good night


Don’t grab popcorn, then I believe it was another moderator gets annoyed and may boot you off the forum too.

somebody forgot to wear their nice hat today :smile:


NiceHat, it’s against the rules of the forum to continuously keep bringing up drama. You’ve repeatedly done so, and you weren’t “booted out” yet. But a few days suspension is very close from happening.

Enough is enough.


Folks, keep it civil and supportive.

@NiceHat, you’ve been having a lot of trouble with that lately, with your continuous poking at Daze, sleepoptimistic, and Minnii. Take a break if you need to. Any more of this behavior will earn you a suspension.


@NiceHat Like I said previously on a thread a day ago, if I’d been on the forum instead of out running errands this morning, I would have suspended you. So you lucked out (again).

If you can’t be civil and supportive on the forum, then maybe you should consider taking a break for a few days. If the behavior continues, a break will no longer be optional.

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