Not working to make myself likeable

I’m at a loss, here. I know normies go to great lengths to assure that people like them. I cannot find that kind of security. I’d have to be both willing and able and I’m not sure I’m either. :upside_down_face:


I like you @chordy.


It’s one of those things if your being social that kinda just happens. If your nice enough to others they will like you so you’d be suprised. Not everyone is going to like you for sure but it’s worthwhile because others will.


Some people just don’t vibe.

Others vibe beautifully.

It’s better to be yourself.

Be yourself and be true to who you are and maybe the right people will find you.

Some people are fake but popular.

Look at inventing Anna.
That to me is so unattractive to be that way yet she was fake and popular.

I rather be real and alone and true to myself.

I’m not entirely alone.i have fur babies too.

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