Not sure if it was the right move


Pdoc lowered doses.
Now I feel strange, and suicidal.


I was wondering

thanks for sharing

do you think you should call the nurse?


I have no nurse. Only pdoc. When I am outside doing things, I get distracted. But at home alone I feel suicidal and confused. I should go outside and do things


Distracting yourself is good but if you find the suicidal thoughts getting worse you should contact your pdoc. Maybe it is the wrong time to come down on the meds. You can always try again later.


He said I should call him 5 days after the adjustment. And then after 10 days etc.
He must know my progress. I may call him earlier. I don’t know.


That happened to me when my psychiatrist lowered my dose of Citalopram. I felt suicidal and I had more irritability. So he had to increase my dose again. And now I’m ok.