Not sure if I'm schizo or if others denial of past trauma serious help!

Hi. My name is Gina and I am new to this I don’t think I’m schizophrenic but I will try to quickly tell you why I think I may be…
First let me say that I have very sound mental capacity .
Last year I had what I thought was a repressed memory come to my conscious from my subconscious. The memory is that my mother molested me as a baby up until the time I was about four when my young cousin taught me how to masterbate. So one time when she was molesting me, which wasn’t violent it was just constant probing of my genitals and I was naive and had no idea what she was doing until I realized this was a pleasure zone…anyway my mother guilted and shamed me as a child my whole family knew about it and I was completely humiliated. So no one except my father knows about my mother, at Keats in my mind since they both denied it when I asked them recently and overcame my sheer humiliation… So anyway my mother denies everything and how I feel like I’m crazy because I have some very specific memories about the abuse/incidents
So could anyone PLEASE HELP I font know what to think

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Depends if you want to delve into the memories more or not. At least seeking counselling of some sort will help to put it into perspective. Probably your best bet of if you need any psychiatric assistance or not also.

Other then that I wish I had the answer your seeking. I’m still in therapy for mine and it’s going very slowly but that’s me.

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You are talk about psychological problem that is irrelevant the schizophrenia.

In the case of schizophrenia,you should see imaginary people , hear their voices and have inner bilateral dialogue with them about all subjects related your past experience in the life, including your religious beliefs ,your cultural believes ,your social relationships and many other,and that occurs most time of waking for many years

During the time of schizophrenia,it must be suffer from the delusional beliefs,
delusional believes,paranoia,hearing the voices of hidden psychological entities,
social withdrawal,loss attention for the impacts of the external environment ,disorder in the thinking process and current feelings,disorder in the common daily behavior,disorder in the speech for otherness or listening to the speech of others…etc

In sum,
listening to visual or auditory memories coming from subconsciousness to the consciousness is irrelevant the schizophrenia issue ,whatever the content of these memories

I will say that it’s virtually impossible to remember anything from the time you were a baby - memories are formed from the age of about 3 to 4 and even at that age, the memories aren’t solidified. If you’re remembering something relatively vividly from the time you were, say 1 years old…my guess is that it is a false memory.

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I don’t see why you would think you have schizophrenia. You might want to do a little research online about the basics of schizophrenia.

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The poster has seeks to make us believe that;
1- the early events of childhood sexual abuse is the cause of the schizophrenia,
2- The hallucination “hearing voices”,is just an inner bilateral dialogue between the
subconsciousness and the consciousness,including the bad early events of the childhood experiences
3-the poster supported the idea that,the schizophrenic person has talks with himself
about subjects related his early childhood experiences,and there is no bilateral dialogue with hidden others “imaginary people /personal entities /hallucination entities”
4- the poster has seeks to tell us that,the schizophrenic person has recalls his visual and auditory memories from the subconsciousness to his consciousness,recall the past events to coexistence with the current events of presence,and this coexistence is the inner symptoms of sz ( as he thinks }
5- The poster has knows the bases of sz without asking anyone !
6- The family problems,the bad social conditions and many other problems causing a symptoms like some of schizophrenia symptoms,but they never establishing the schizophrenia case in the person’s oneself

Schizophrenia has specific symptoms that shouldn’t be based on memories or past experiences. New research has said that trauma does in fact play a role in how schizophrenia emerges, but that doesn’t mean trauma is the cause I think. It’s merely an influencing factor in the severity of the illness.

Trauma, drug abuse. and neglect is often ruled out before a diagnosis is given. You will meet with a doctor or therapist who can discuss what you believe happened. Those experiences you mentioned can cause DID and depersonalization. Schizophrenia is sort of different. Schizophrenia is marked by hallucinations and paranoia, fixed false beliefs, speech issues. While certain aspects of it can be very similar to someone experiencing shock or extreme trauma. My mom came back from spending jail time for a protest, with serious shock and trauma. Then her hidden schizophrenia manifested. Her original label was manic depression.

No one can know if you had those horrible experiences, because we’re just random people on the internet. Sometimes it’s easier to blame it on something than to accept it. But no one knows the truth about it. I had an experience before my first episode that led me to believe I was assaulted, but I have no proof of it. I’m not sure it even happened, and if I knew it would bring my mind relief. But there are things I don’t know. I don’t want to be the victim, and I’d be happier if I just became psychotic than if that was what triggered the episode in the first place.

The stuff you’re talking about is illegal though, and it has happened in the past more-so than now I think, with families hiding situations by persecuting the female. But medications don’t work the same now as older ones like thorazine, it’s not the same as lobotomies or electroshock for a peace activist but while this doesn’t happen in the U.S. it could happen in lesser developed countries.

For instance, in China the practice of holistic spirituality is oppressed. People who practice Falun Gong in China become prisoners of conscience, because China’s corrupt communist government seeks to oppress anything beautiful and human.

Welcome. False memories alone does not make you schizophrenic. Do you have other symptoms? Like social isolation, attention problems, memory problems, paranoid thoughts, delusions, voices?

Hello Gina,

“First let me say that I have very sound mental capacity .” I think the same thing.

I am definitely schizophrenic: do not see it as a problem.

Hey my advice would be this:

Lie down when you are tired in a very comfortable place. Like your own bed.

Switch off from the day.

And think of something/somebody you really like.

Generally if you are schizo other thoughts will intrude. You will hear voices literally in your head, before you lose consciousness.

The best advice I can give you.

you wouldn’t be able to remember being a baby at all so your memories can’t be real hunni. you know lots of people have intrusive thoughts, it doesn’t mean that they are real. you probably need to be evaluated.

Hi Gina,

If you are distressed about this - I would recommend you go and get a formal evaluation from one of these clinics listed on the following link (click on the link and you’ll see some more links). They typicall offer free evaluations:

People have different memories of the past. I’m a schizophrenic who teaches English in Taiwan. I’ve met a lot of people. Everybody has different opinions.

Yet if you hear voices speaking in your mind while you are conscious you are developing the condition.

Delusions: This is subtle- if you think “unrealistic thoughts” and really believe they are true then you are developing the condition.

“Unrealistic thoughts” such as “I’m invisible” and other impossible impressions of who you actually are will intrude.

Be sensible about your life.

Trust your core-self.

Best to you.

did you answer the wrong person??? it wasn’t my thread. just so you know.

Hey I just sent a message to help out.

If you think the message is inappropriate to your life.

Please just ignore it.

Thank you for reading my ideas and theories about being a schizophrenic.

Best wishes to everybody

It is clears that:
1-The writer knows that,he is not schizophrenic citizen
2-He is a young psychologist,or student in the university
3- He has a project around the schizophrenia nature
4-He writes a theoretical story about the causes which
they lead to the establishing of schizophrenia case
5- He was inspired his story events from the general
psychological story about the schizophrenia
6- The general frame of his story is focus on the effect of bad
early childhood experiences on his self-esteem
7-He writes his story in this web to find some members with sz
agree with his story
8- He hopes that,some web posters tell him that they have the
sz because they were suffered from childhood sexual abuse like him !

10-He was insisted to talk about the recalling of visual and auditory memories from
the early childhood,coming from the subconscious to the consciousness ,for sake deny
or erasure the phenomenon of hallucination /hearing voices,and that is not realistic story but it is organized story to support the psychology view

11-it is understood that,the inner communication between the mind and the visual /auditory memories has occurs through new vocal audible thoughts,wherever there are two different accent voices reading any mental output(thoughts or memories }
=That is to say,there are two independent speakers to the own thoughts or memories,they pronounce the content of any current thought or memory has running
in the brain,so that the schizophrenic person feels that if there are some people
reading his thoughts,and he never says that he reads his thoughts internally because
he listens some hidden speakers pronounce his thoughts
-if he is a man,he listens to 2 females voices,and every one of them have different
accent features about the second !
==is the subconscious of a man have a 2 female vibrant voices ?
==Is the subconscious is an independent psychological entities ?
=Is the subconscious is an alive entity ?

Having false memories does not necessarily point to schizophrenia. (If they are false, which is very likely since the brain of most infants are not fully formed, and thus unable to hold memories, which is why no one remembers anything from that time. However my memories go back to age 3 so who knows).

Now if you’ve had a history of strange beliefs (delusions), and this is one of them, and you’ve had other issues with say hearing voices or extreme disorganization, not showering for weeks, etc etc then you should be concerned.

Otherwise I would look back to what made these “memories” pop up. What were you thinking about before you had them? Have you been struggling with issues of sexuality lately or even learning about sexual abuse somewhere?

have you read my other posts then? sorry if i sounded a little sharp but i’ve not seen you on this site before yet you talk as if you know me? may i ask how many of my posts you have read please?

Retrospect the stored memories from the own memory is the main goal of the schizophrenia cause to changing its connotation meaning

The cause of sz is the symptom that so-called hallucination,in reality these
symptom is metaphysical personal entities

They are emergence in the time /place that the person’s oneself
lives his life within internally

They attack the religious beliefs and the current social relationship with some people
that they existed in the same environment of the person

The attack plan
Change the connotation meaning for the acquired information ,specially the data that
related the social relationships and the religious beliefs,and used them as a data bases
to direction the behaviors and the logic of mental perception

So that,if the person has acts to retrospects any memories from the memory to the consciousness state,the hallucination entity has seeks to pronounces the content of the retrospected thoughts,then the person hears the voices as they reading his thoughts

The schizophrenic person have the free volition to block the retrace process

So,if we supposed that,a person has retrospects a memories that occurred when he has 3 years or 4,the critical point is not related the subject of these memories,but how they coming from the memory to the current consciousness ?

1-Are they coming as vocal audible thoughts ? like in the schizophrenic
2- Are they coming as non-pronounced thoughts { implied perception} ? like in the normal person without sz

Whatever the content of the retrospected memories,the core of the question:
How they coming from the memory ? pronounced or non-pronounced ?

I have not read your other posts. I did not think you sounded too sharp.

I do not know you

I have just joined the site.

I developed schizophrenia about 10 years ago.

It controlled my life for a while. I was living alone in a rural place at the time. So no one really noticed.

I talked/ talk to the voices in my head. I try to be reasonable and logical with them.