Early hallucinations, please help diagnose!

[trigger warning] I have been thinking I’m starting to develop Schizo, but I don’t know what a schizophrenic experiences in early stages, I just know how to recognize it in other people. Help me out, I don’t want to get diagnosed by a professional just yet. Fyi I have had a crazy stressful life, rape, ptsd, anxiety, depression, dissociative amnesia, adolescence sexual abuse in family, a ton of bullying and multiple culture changes. Haha. Fun life

At around 12 I started seeing black figures in my hindsight for a while. Then 2D ghost like figures in the trail of moving objects (i was into anime at that time, and the figures looked like anime characters. If I thought of it unconsciously I would see it, but I knew it was in my head because I knew I had thought of it right before) it went away after a year. at around 16 I was getting bullied, not sure if its ptsd, but I heard a lot of negative thoughts and voices ringing around my ears, it was driving me crazy but I always knew it wasn’t reality. This was accompanied by extreme mood swing of depression and feeling high/hyper, I could feel sudden increase of ego which was very unusual because I thought I was a piece of ■■■■ at most times around then (but I wouldn’t call this bipolar type of hyper. I was losing my mind but I didn’t believe I was a rock star or anything. The only thing was that I thought I was greater than God, but I knew I was bonkas after a second, and it came accords as human nature of sin) After about 2 years or so it went away.
I am 26 now with stressful situations at my work. In the meantime I’ve had paranoia due to rape (lets just say that was a part of ptsd). I’ve heard a word recently spoken by a female when there were no females in the office. This time I could not tell if it was delusion or reality. I’ve been seeing things in my hindsight of people walking for like .5 secs, but nothing there. I’ve lost a laptop on a sofa, searched everywhere, went to another place and came back, the laptop was on the sofa I had placed exactly on. I’ve seen a traffic light blink and I thought it was on the side of mine so I started walking, but it was actually the opposite street. It feels like my brain sees what it has already decided to see, and not something that is actually there) I’ve always been philosophical and spiritual but also hyper logical. (I am also an architect, just letting you know that part is no delusional) but now I realize I am having difficulties linking parts of logic, I’m trying to find meaning into everything which really is pointless, I feel like I know what I want but as I explain it I realize it does not make sense at all. This is very unusual of me, I have always been extremely good at bullshitting through, thats how I graduated design school. (I am going through a very confusing part of life though due to sexuality and religion) I have constipation in my nose so I cannot smell well most times, but sometimes if I think of something consciously/unconsciously I can smell very real and strong scents of them. Like burning candle smell when you haven’t lit your candle for 2 weeks in the room.

Am I really going schizo or can this all just happen because of stress? Lets say I take twice the stress than normal people to start with due to my conditions


If you aren’t actively hearing voices, you probably won’t be diagnosed with SZ. You sound too lucid to be prodromal, also.

Maybe if you’re concerned about mental illness without having an acute one, consider doing things to reduce brain inflammation, like taking Boswellia or Ashwagandha.


Hi, I have schizophrenia and was diagnosed early and had symptoms since I was a child. I would say- please see a doctor to talk about your concerns. I am so sorry that you are having so much symptoms. Thinking of you!


Maybe I am. I probably am. If something goes wrong I just want to catch it early

Does this look like legit symptoms though? I think delusions or what not can be other illnesses, the biggest concern was seeing 2D objects when I was 12 (that def not normal right) and not being able to see what is clearly there? Does that sound like Schizo to you, since you have been through all this? I do acknowledge different people have different symptoms tho

Only a doctor can diagnose you…


Are you seeing a psychiatrist for your problems? (ptsd, anxiety, depression…).

Anyways it is very hard to accurately predict schizophrenia and even the high risk diagnoses contain high false positives.
Furthermore there are not many people in the prodrome that can work in a demanding job like yours without at least showing some psychotic symptoms.


That’s not necessarily true. I don’t hear voices or have hallucinations. Yet I’m diagnosed sz.


I see… I have had professional help for my other issues, and I’m planning of following up. It has been quite a distraction but not overwhelmingly terrifying, I’m kinda used to weird things happening in my life. I’m just not able to tell if it’s simply not able to get mental/physical rest, a relapse of depression, or just me dumbing down as I age (tho it seems quite rapid for that). The confusion and mild hallucinations(?) have been pretty much always there for about 2 months now. I haven’t known there is a prodome period for Schizo. Thank you for the information, I’ll look into that

Also, how do you guys define hallucinations? People without schizo also experience seeing things every now and then. Do you also consider that mild hallucination?

Haha yes I know. For a lack of a better term diagnosis. But more like borrowing perspective

If it helps any I was rather lucid while I starting showing my symptoms…in fact, I remember asking my doctor at age 17 if I was going insane. He said no, and here I am at age 22 diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.

People without schizo can hallucinate too! The way my doctor explained it to me is that if it is negatively impacting your life in relationships, school, or work then that’s when it becomes a bigger issue (i.e. a sz diagnosis). I wasn’t diagnosed with sza until I had to drop out of college because of my issues. If you’re working a job and it isn’t impacting your ability to do that job, then you’re probably fine (well, as “fine” as one can be with depression and ptsd as well).

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The vast majority of people who experience hallucinations do not have schizophrenia. But your history and other symptoms suggest it is due to mental illness, which increases the odds significantly. You will have to see a doctor. I’m closing this thread as we have had a lot of problems with similar threads before, and because I think your question has been answered. You will need to see a doctor now. Don’t wait. That’ll only hurt you in the future. If it is psychosis, early diagnosis and treatment is extremely important for your prognosis.