Not finishing sentences

Looking through my psychiatric notes specifically about one session of a men’s group I attended the group facilitator noted " Timothy managed to finish his sentences today".

I know not finishing sentences can be a sign of anxiety but wondered whether those with psychosis and minimal/no anxiety also experience this difficulty with finishing sentences .

Yes I try to exclude (but) from sentences too cause I think it sounds immature. And (yeah) in general. I still get corrected by family on proper English.

As far as cognitive deficiencies, since my diagnosis, I’ve noticed it’s more difficult for me to form sentences, relate stories, find words, spell and type. I’m not as fluent as I once was. My memory has also suffered a lot.

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I also feel this way reflectively…do you notice more physical fatigue from stressors?

When I’m in a psychotic state, I do notice more physical fatigue. I’m not sure if it’s from stressors, though, or just an overactive mind.

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I hate it when they notice things like that. And then write it down. When I’ve read notes on me in the past I got the feeling I was being watched all the time. I got out of those places.

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They stopped the group after a couple of years as it didn’t fit into the time limited, instant/quick results style that mental health services here in the UK are increasingly obsessed with.
There was a write up on me every time I attended.
I don’t think it helps that they come out with these observations but fail to let you know what they mean and that they have made them.
Then you are confronted with ‘finished all his sentences’ what does this mean re not usually finishing them? or ’ has difficulties with perception’ -a very vague statement,signifying what?