Not doing so hot tonight

My last hospitalization was last month. I was there for a week. Since I can’t miss work, I’ll utilize the crisis center if need be.

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■■■■ man, that’s a tough spot. Take good care of yourself right now, eh

I’m trying too. It’s a rough night. I’ll get through it though, somehow.

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Try amisulpride it works better for positive symptoms according to one Lancet study

Me too. I’ll be your friend.:blush: What will you like to talk about?

I’m not sure. Lol. I’m currently at work, working overnight. It’s gonna be a long night.

I had a visual hallucination tonight. It was one if the watchers that I’ve been feeling around me. He was peeking around the corner at me. It threw me off a lot.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having a bad spell, especially when you’re the one having to bring home the bacon. I was in a similar situation but I lost my job.

Please look after yourself. Take some time out for yourself as needed. I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you. I’m hoping this new medication kicks in soon. Right now I’m back tracking. But im holding it together. Im also just having really strange thoughts.

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