Not able to breath fully

I can’t seem to be able to breath easily I feel like I can’t fully breath

That sounds serious. You should get emergency medical help. Go to hospital.

@everhopeful probably just stress

You seem to have a lot of health issues the past few days,

It might be best to go to the hospital and get checked out.

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@anon54386108 I have a full week of appointments I can’t go to the hospital I just have to deal with the fact my body is trying to fall apart on me

Get to a hospital, that’s never a good sign and should be checked out to make sure it’s not something serious.

@velociraptor I say it’s just stress. Tuesday I see my nurse I’ll let her know and see what she thinks

I figured I was stressed when I had chest pains and couldn’t breathe. Wife made me go to emergency and it was blood clots. I would have died if I had waited a few more hours.

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@velociraptor my chest don’t hurt

Or, instead of complaining about it but refusing to address the problem, you could actually take proactive steps to stop feeling awful. Your choice, really.

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There’s feeling like you can’t breathe properly, and there’s having actual breathing difficulties. The first is a common symptom of anxiety, the second is potentially life-threatening. You should really figure out if you are having breathing difficulties and if so, get help immediately.

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Have you ever been diagnosed with asthma @Twialine ?

@Moonbeam nope I sure haven’t

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