Not a good friend

Told one of my friends I was thinking about getting off birth control, her response was “Lol id say wait” what kind of response is that? I didn’t bother asking what her reasoning was- I was too turned off by her response already

Are you trying to get pregnant?

Thinking about it. One of my friends it took years to get pregnant after getting off birth control

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Best of luck to you. Sorry your friend disapointed you.

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Thank youuuuuu! And yes I was not impressed by her response- wasn’t exactly the response I was expecting

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Did you find out why they said that?
Have you and your partner been together long? Got stable living conditions and steady income?
If any of those answers are no, then its fair to assume that is why.
How old are you by the way?

We’ve been together three years and just got married. Don’t know if that’s considered long enough. My husband has a steady income and we will be living at my parents starting in September and we plan to live there for a few years at least. I am 26, but my friend is also 26 and pregnant so I don’t think my age should have anything to do with it @StarCrazy

I mean its all down to preference in terms of what is considered “long”. The fact that you’re married is a good sign of commitment.

The reason I asked about your age is that for all I know you could easily be 17.

Are you living with your husband at the moment?

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